Last post in the foreseeable future here.

Yes, this blog has been abandoned due to various happenings, but some sites still list my scanlation (and other) URLs to this one. I’ve moved to my site here, though I am currently mostly on a hiatus in terms of scanlation.

Hyakko: I do not know the status of the new/latest chapters. Please see DoReMi/fageat for an update on those. Vol. 2 is still on a hiatus due to lack of translator.

Other series: I am open to assisting on typesetting/cleaning/proofreading/checking, however it will be done on an erratic schedule, so don’t expect me to do a super hype-popular weekly series (unless the chapters are short, 4koma of some sort). By erratic schedule I mean that it may be 1-2 months between chapters, but I’ll definitely get it done, or I will let you know otherwise. I don’t do H-manga, for work environment issues, haha.

Feel free to contact me (preferably twitter or IRC) if you wish to translate Hyakko, or for some other series.




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I bet nobody even reads this but

Hyakko may be restarted, this time with help from the group that does the current chapters of Hyakko (hooray).

You are at their mercy. So am I. We’ll see how this turns out.

Just so you know that there is a chance that there may be future releases, yay

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I may be back.

Welp, free hosting is always being an ass, so I may as well turn back here and use my tumblr again. Maybe.

Also, if you haven’t really heard, Hyakko scans are on an indefinite hiatus, sorry. In detail, both cenc and I have gotten a larger IRL workload on both of our backs, and it’s just not working (if it ever did) as well as it used to. I’ve also taken an indefinite hiatus over on FoOlRulez, so to say, I haven’t done any work on the scene for the past 6 months or so. Perhaps we’ll get together again during the summer and finish what we started. Maybe not.

If I do make this blog active (lol) again, it’ll probably be less of manga scans and more about myself.

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